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I've been mulling a new soundbar to replace my 6 year old sony and have narrowed it down to:
  • Sonos Beam
  • Samsung MS650
  • Sony XF9000
I'm now spinning around in circles trying to decide on one so please treat this post as a cathartic rant as well as a request for opinions!

Sonos Beam - I have a pair of Play 1s and generally love sonos products however the lack of HD audio and DTS is really putting me off this (despite my Xbox one X converting DTS on the fly).

Samsung 650 - No HDR passthrough and no ability to handle any HD audio codecs.

Sony XF9000 - Atmos and HD Audio codec supports (even though I'm not expecting anything great from a soundbar on the Atmos front!) and a dedicated sub.

All 3 are getting mixed reviews and whilst I have personally demo'd the XF9000 twice and really liked it I'm still hesitant to pull the trigger. Will HD codecs sound better than DD5.1 on a 2 channel sound bar? I'm not expecting surround (and have little interest in it) but I would expect to hear a clear difference.

Help me decide AVF members - you're my only hope!


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Grabbed an XF9000 from crampton and Moore for £330 (price matching power direct). Finally had a play with the beam and loved it musically but thought it was less suited to TV - I keep listening to the Sony and being impressed so pulled the trigger!

Joe Fernand

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'Will HD codecs sound better than DD5.1 on a 2 channel sound bar?' - it may, though it will not be 'HD' audio, even folk with relatively decent 'separates' can find HD underwhelming.

Good you made a choice and it is working for you - enjoy the Movies, it is too easy to get caught up in the minutiae of this hobby.


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