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I’m considering adding a soundbar to my home setup to improve the day-to-day TV sound output but have a query about the soundbar connectivity before making my choice.

At present I have a Denon AVRX2500H AV receiver fed from a variety of HDMI sources and linked to a Samsung UE50NU7400 Smart TV using the HDMI ARC connections on the AVR and TV.

If I were to connect the optical output on the TV to the soundbar:
1) would audio coming via HDMI from the AVR be output to the soundbar via the optical link?
2) would TV audio continue to be sent to the AVR via the HDMI ARC connection to allow the TV sound to be listened to on the main 5.1.2 speaker system from time to time?
3) in the scenario above would the TV also output audio to the soundbar at the same time?
and thus need the soundbar to be put back into standby to listen only via the main speaker system?

Everything is controlled by a Logitech Harmony remote so the latter point could be addressed by updating the appropriate Harmony activities.

If use of the optical output on the TV could be problematic then as an alternative I’m wondering whether a soundbar with HDMI pass-through may be an easier but perhaps slightly more expensive approach.

I look forward to receiving any thoughts on this one.



I'll try to answer a few questions.

1 Yes. The audio would pass through via optical to the soundbar.
2 Yes. If you go for a powered soundbar then that would have to be switched off. Think that also answers 3.
You would not be able to connect the Denon via HDMI to a soundbar.

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