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HW folks, Ive got a question that I think you guys will be abe to answer.

At th moment I have a 5.1 surround sound system (2 front speakers, 1 centre speaker, 2 rear speakers and a subwoofer). Its a samsng and its about 5 years old. The sound quality is decent enough BUT I have absolutely no room for my rear speakers (because of the set up of my living room), this means that I am losing ALL the advantages of any sound that comes from the rear (which can be annoying, as a charcters voice can just vanish if its supposed to be coming from behind you). SO I am thinking about swapping out the speaker system for a decent sound bar. The particular one I am after is the Samsung HW-D570. This unit claims to produce very good "virtual surround sound" Now I know that virtual surround sound is not gonna be nearly as good actual speakers surrounding you but surely the "virtual" sound it produce for things behind me is better than no sound at all (from which I get from my current setup).

So the question is, is this worthwhile doing? How good is the vitrual surround sound?
Does the setup of my living room effect the way that the soundbar will work?

Any help on this subject would be graetly appreciated



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Can't help with advise on that particular model but I've looked at a few sites and found a few comparisons:

10 best soundbar speakers for your HD TV | News | TechRadar

5 best soundbars to improve your TV's audio | News | TechRadar

Hope that helps, soundbars can be simple in nature but difficult to decide on in practice because you have to get the one for the right purpose you need it for, ie, just something simple to replace your tv speakers, or one with ipod, dolby digital or dts decoding, what inputs you need on it etc :)

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