Soundbar advice needed


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I currently have a Samsung UE406510 set up in the bedroom. The wife doesn't want wires trailing around all over the room so I'm not able to install a 5.1 surround system :(
But a soundbar could be the way forward with the only condition being that it must be white to fit in with the decor of the room. I have a PS3 connected to the tv via HDMI for watching blu-rays so this would need to be incorporated into the setup - i.e. with HDMI inputs and digital optical audio input
I've been able to find 2 online so far but neither of them meet my specifications:
Trevi 2.1 40w and 30w
Auna WLS-7

I would be really grateful for any help people can provide

I originally posted this in the what speakers should I buy section but got no replys!

However I have now had another thought. If there is a lack of soundbars in white is it possible to get something like a digiwrap to cover the soundbar with? And does anyone know where I can get them from as I searched google and haven't been able to find digiwraps in white that you can cut to size.

If digiwrapping is possible then has anyone got any views on the SAMSUNG HWD570 and whether a better quality soundbar is out there that costs £350 or less


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