Soundbar Advice for Samsung LE52A656A1F (Channel options)


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Hi All,

I recently picked up a Samsung LE52A656A1F for £0.00. A friend of mine was going to throw it out but gave it to me instead. I am installing this at my Dad's house for when I stay there a few days a week. Its not new - but is in quote good condition (does need a clean)

The sole input for this unit will be a shield TV game thingie with an HDMI output into the TV, This works - but the sound is TV speakers - nuff said. The Shield does not have any form of audio out - it all goes down the HDMI cable as far as I can tell.
Applications are Netflix & Plex on the Shield TV
Netflix is netflix, most of the Plex stuff is encoded AAC

I want to put a soundbar on the TV, ideally with a sub and some rear speakers however this is where I run into an issue. Note I have not bought a soundbar yet.
The TV has a whole bunch of inputs, and not much in the way of outputs - hopefully you can see the pictures attached (please ignore the added dust - that was free as well)

After reading the manual - I THINK I can only get 2 channels out of the TV via TOSLink or a red/white cable pair that I forget what they are called. I think that I have no way of getting 5.1, so there is no point in buying a 5.1 soundbar and I might as well buy a 2.1. Specifically I don't see an ARC Port

Have I got the right of it - or am I missing something either obvious or in-obvious?


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