Soundbar acoustic placement


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I couldn't find similar thread so here it goes.

What are you experiences with soundbar placement in regards to acoustics?
Probably as many of you, i have mine placed on the tv console shelf below the tv.
Shelf depth is some 60cm so there is a lot of very reflective surface if i put it under the tv closer to the back wall.
As all soundbars are very low in height all front speakers sit practically on top of shelf surface.
With some 50cm of surface in front of them, in my case, i believe i get some serious first reflections.
If i put the soundbar in front of the shelf then it looks stupid with cabling and everything plainly seen behind the soundbar + you can really use that space behind for anything else (hint, wife stuff :)).
My idea is to make a custom close cell foam "bed" for soundbar. Width should be as soundbar, 3-5cm i thickness, 20cm deep, so from the front of the soundbar to back wall to eliminate standing waves behind the soundbar.
If i somehow could i would also slant the foam so the soundbar looks a few degrees upward towards my head (ears)...but that's just me :)
Or maybe wall mount it below the TV but apply sound acoustic panel behind the bar on the wall.
If anyone has any thoughts or experiences please do share.


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mine is on a glass shelf under the tv, i dont have any acoustic treatments, but i have placed some sorbothane half domes under the front to tilt it slightly upwards and stop it interacting with the shelf.

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