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Hi all,

Really sorry if this has been asked, I can see a little info online but nothing definitive.

Have a 55" LG C1 on a TV unit that is around 30-35cm high, TV is a perfect height for us with an eyeline approx on the middle of the screen.

We've a Sony soundbar on the shelf below, this is around 20cm high and clear of TV but I'm looking at a new soundbar and wondering, especially if upgrading, if this is a good place for it.

I can't put it directly below TV as the C1 sits quite close to the shelf. I've read that above TV is ok for placement but not preferred. It would sit on a glass shelf as it does now or above the TV. Either way, it would be around 50cm above or below what you would consider ear line...

Any thoughts to help with this situation? If the soundbar is wall mountable, would above sound ok? I've noticed some have upward facing speakers so guessing shelf would be a no go?

Many thanks in advance for any help
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How about not having a soundbar at all?

Soundbars are a huge sonic compromise even when they are located in an ideal position (which they rarely are, because that would be about the middle of your screen).

So how about these options, either side of your TV?…

Ruark MR1 speakers link…

Elipson Prestige Facet 6B BT link…

Q Acoustics M20 link…

All these options will sound far far better than any soundbar, because they will be capable of producing a proper stereo image, a genuine soundstage and will be far better than a soundbar at playing music, whether that’s music on its own, or as part of a TV or movie soundtrack.

Even quite expensive soundbars are still just one box, so they begin with a disadvantage. Placing them in a less than ideal situation compromises them even further.

My money would always go for two boxes rather than one. Ideally placed on stands, with the tweeters at ear height, either side of your TV.

If because of other considerations you absolutely have to have a soundbar, then try one of these…

DALI Katch One link…

Still inferior to two boxes, but it’s about the best you can do. If you look at the Katch One on DALI’s own website, take a close look at the pictures they show with the soundbar in example rooms. DALI have paid quite particular attention to show how their soundbar should be sited to ensure the best sound quality…

DALI Katch One

These pictures might inspire you. For example, would it be possible to wall-mount your TV leaving the top of the cabinet for the soundbar, as one of DALI’s pictures demonstrate?

But still, I would recommend going to your nearest dealer and actually listen for yourself how poor even the best of soundbars are compared to stereo speakers.

Joe Fernand

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I've read that above TV is ok for placement but not preferred’ - that may be true for a conventional Centre channel speaker (powered by an AVR and angled towards the listener) but not so with the majority of Soundbar designs which are configured to sit below the TV and lack the ability to project sound below the height of the Soundbar.

The Yamaha YSP units with their multiple drivers were always able to steer sound above or below the horizontal so are an option for you.

See - MusicCast YSP-5600 - Overview - Yamaha - UK and Ireland


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