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Michaelknell said:
Got my cables today. Sounds very good. Still need help on the above post though.
Glad to hear / see that you're finally up and running. How do you find it compared to your old set up ?, oh and as for sound fields I'd say there's no real rule of thumb and that it's down to personal preference. For movies / TV I always have it on the Normal setting and games seem to sound quite good (to me!!) on Jazz, just have a mess around and see what you like :) .
Much better than my old one. Plus it fits around my room far better sizewise and cablewise. Still need to sell my old dvd player and sub though. Will probably struggle without speakers.
I suppose I will just try it on eBay. I paid £130 for it new so w/out speakers and now second hand I'd like around £50 really.
Just watched paycheck. First time I've properly used DD. Film wasn't bad but the sound was amazing. I'm getting so excited about the 360 now. Just like a little kid going on holiday!!!

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