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Set up my new Sony XH9505 on Friday, all ok but for lip sync issues with Sky and my sound system (a Sony all in one 5.1). After a bit of messing around fixed that on Sunday and thought all was OK. Turned the TV on in the evening & no sound through the sound system. It powers up and responds to the remote etc but totally silent.
I get sound if I play a blu Ray so I'm thinking after all the messing around it must be the optical cable. I remove it from the tv and plug my SkyQ box directly into the sound system. No sound so I'm thinking definitely faulty cable.
New cable arrives today and still no sound - either via the TV or removing the TV from the equation and going straight from the Q box.
What are the odds on two faulty optical cables? Or maybe its the sound system but can anyone think of why I would still get sound playing a blu Ray? It's strange that it was working Sunday lunchtime when I turned it off but wasn't the next time I powered it up.

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