Sound system for TV and music (CD&iPod) listening


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New Sony TV this week.
Budget of up to about £400. Open to suggestions, but maybe leaning away from 5.1...
Also - daft questions:
Currently have a 20-year old Denon UPA-110 CD and a pair of Mission 780 speakers, cheap iPod dock - can any of this be put to use?
Would an iPod or CD sound weird through a 5.1?


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If your amp has a spare audio input (labelled Tuner, Video, Aux) and the TV has an audio output, then I'd suggest you try the current system out for a while before buying anything.

Is there anything particularly wrong with the current setup?


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You have CD, Speakers, and iPod dock, but you still need an amp, is that right? No amp?

And specifically what do you need your budget to buy you? Amp and maybe speakers? A CD Player? A radio Tuner?

You can get a fair stereo amp for about £200. Here is a cross section sample -

Pioneer A307R, 45w/ch, £179
Yamaha AS500, 60w/ch, £206
NAD C316, 40w/ch, £215

And a couple of links with similar discussions and recommendations -

Given what you have, I would spend part of your budget on just an amp, then you will have a full working system, and you can evaluate how well it serves your needs, and where you need to go from there.

The first question is, does the Sony TV have analog (meaning not digital) AUDIO OUTs. Fortunately, Sony TV's usually do, which I why I also bought one. Or, at bare minimum, a Headphone output.

Once we have resolved the Audio Out question, it is just a matter of resolving how much of your existing budget you want to spend on an amp. Something in the £200 to £300 range is going to make a very nice system.

Just a few thoughts.

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Thanks folks. Should have given more info - sorry! Agree it's worth seeing if current system works - it plays CDs fantastically and iPod really good.
So, the system has a "pre-main amp". At the back of this are connectors (in each case one red and one white) decribed as:
Phono R L
PB (iPod dock attached here)



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Forgot the TV bit!
As far as I can see on t'internet it has "Digital audio output (optical)" and a 3.5mm "minijack".
It's a KDL-40EX503.

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