Sound System for a Panasonic 42"PX60?


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Hope someone can guide me in the right direction as I just can't decide what to get! First up I will be getting a Panasonic 42"PX60PED very soon and having decided on that fairly quickly I have spent far longer on the sound aspect and still no decision!

I have had a 28" Toshiba Dolby ProLogic CRT for about 9 years so I would expect that whatever I go for will be a big improvement over that? I really can't go over £500 for the sound system which will be used for normal TV usage,DVDs and some gaming - how it sounds for music isnt really important.

I had decided to just go for a cheap package like the Yamaha AV59 or Denon 1356 which are both under £250. Thought this would do me until I am not as financially embarrassed!:laugh: Not sure now as I dont think either package is much to look at and this swung me towards the Mordaunt Short Avant Premiere System which is about £300 as I like how they look and they seem to get decent reviews as well. Then I see there is a MS Premiere Plus package for just under £500 which makes me wonder if it is worth going for that instead? I don't have an amp/receiver of any kind - does that really matter? Would I be better getting the £300 MS set + a £200 Amp/Rec? or just get the £500 MS set for now and add an amp later on?

I fancied getting a Yamaha YSP1000 which is around £500 due to less cable clutter but I believe it really needs a sub to get the best out of it so it is now above budget! Can anyone advise me on a reasonable setup to start me off? I know I am on a low budget but I am hoping it is enough to get something decent to tide me over for a while.:lease:

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