Sound sync problems


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Right. I've treid a search on here, but not found an issue the same as mine, but there do seem to be many about sound sync issues...

I got Sky+ installed maybe 3 months ago.. just bought a new HD telly for Christmas, and I've just started noticing sound sync problems....

The sound ALWAYS preceeds the picture! Sometimes by quite a lot, somethimes by not so much...

It seems to be worst on Sky Movies, last night when i changed from sky movies to BBC 1 it vanished.... back to sky Movies it was back again!
Oh and it's not just on recordings! it's on liveTV too! But if a recordign is recorded witht eh problem, no amount of messing fixes it! :mad:

Sky+ box is connected to TV through teh scart lead, with audio carried over scart lead to the TV... So NOTHING fancy!
No Digital amp!
No Dolby Digital!
Just plain old stereo analogue out over the scrat lead!

Anybody else seen this? It's most annoying!

Pace PVR2 (?) box... It has 80GB free space for recording, so a 160GB HDD I think?

Just in case it matters, it's Toshiba 37WLT68 TV... but I really don't think it' the TV as I can get rid of it by playing on the XBOX or by changing channel!



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Try rebooting it. If that doesn't help, you could ask Pace:


Just got our Sharp LC-37GD8E and noticed out of sync sound with a recorded Sky+ show on an Amstrad box. I had actually started watching it on our old CRT TV and there were no problems, so it has to be down to the TV as nothing else has changed in the system. We watched another recorded Sky+ show and the problem wasn't as obvious (thought I could detect a slight delay). The out of sync show was recorded off BBC1 and the ok show was recorded of Sky Movies. Maybe thats it?

It may also be the TV processing the video signals at different speeds than the audio signals, but why not all the time on recorded shows and why not when watching live TV?. As much as I think its rubbish, I can't fault the Amstrad box for this one as there were no sync issues with the previous CRT.


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I have found that if I am recording two programmes and watching a third (something else already recorded) I always get the lip sync problem. The minute I stop one of the recordings it is fine...!!!

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