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I'm asking this in here as I've had the same problem for ages with different TVs and speaker systems and I'm completely at a loss on where to start.

We have Virgin TV and broadband. It comes into the house on a big fat coax type cable. That splits into the Virgin router and the TV box. The router is in modem mode with a Netgear Nighthawk router. HDMI from TV box to TV. Cat 5 from Netgear router to TV. Cat 5 from Netgear router to Nvidia Shield Pro. HDMI from Shield Pro to TV. Optical cable from TV to home cinema.

Untitled Document for a rough idea.

When watching TV through the Virgin box, sometimes the audio and video will go out of sync by a long way. I reckon a second or 2. Often when fast forwarding through ads on recorded programmes. Pausing for a couple of seconds and playing again always cures this so it's a little bit annoying.

When streaming TV from the Shield, the same happens. But pausing won't fix it. The only way to fix this one is to change the source on the TV to anything else and back to the Shield again. That will either cure it completely, or sometimes it will just be off (enough to annoy me but not my other half). This one is very annoying.

This has happened with a Samsung TV with Bose speakers on a 3.5mm jack cable, a different Samsung TV with a Samsung sound bar and a Phillips TV with a Logitech home cinema system. The symptoms might vary slightly but the overall problem is the same, as is the cure.

Most of the changes have involved different HDMI cables.

I'm at a loss now as there is nothing common apart from the fact that the signal comes in on the Virgin cable even though it happens on normal TV and when streaming.

Anyone got any ideas? They'd be gratefully received.

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