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Sound settings on DAV-DZ260


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I am having several issues with surround sound and dec mode settings. The manual is a bit confusing with its descriptions of the various modes and their effects. Sometimes I seem to get it working perfectly almost by accident and then I have issues as below.

1) Firstly what is the best setting for watching something such as a blu-ray disc or a sky movies film in 5.1. Is it AFD std as it presents sound "as it was recorded" (but speakers outptting sound may vary). Or is it Dolby Pro Logic 2 Movie which states that it produces 5 output channels from 2 channel sources.( Although it states that it is for overdubbed /old movies which isn't what I am watching).

2) If I am watching something else from Virgin Plus box such as a recent drama or the news should I change settings to another setting or will one setting fit all.

3) Also sometimes the centre speaker does not emit sound. At other times it appears to but so, but other speakers emit speech also.

4) Also I was under the impression that I had set Toshiba TV and Virgin Plus settings so that sound would only come from DAVD system. Sometimes it works correctly i.e. when I try to turn actual TV sound up/down/mute it does not effect what I am hearing i.e volume is only controlled by DAVD. But often it is effected by me pressing the buttons on TV or Virgin plus remote so I feel that I am listening to mixed sound from TV as well as DAVD.

Please help



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The AFD option on all the Sony equipment I've had has always been for playing back the audio 'as-is'. This means the original is played back (as the manual says) as recorded without any post-processing by the amp - apart from maybe delay times/output levels if you've changed these for individual speakers in the 260's menus.

For anything that is 5.1 already - I'd use the AFD std setting for that. For stereo it depends on what you prefer. I leave it at AFD for music as I like having the music un-altered. For stereo programmes though, such as anything on Freeview, or older DVDs which are just 2.0/2.1 Dolby Digital, I'd use the Pro-logic setting. This re-creates a surround sound feel from the stereo sound track (although not as good as true 5.1), so all your speakers will be utilised.

You'll find yourself changing the output format a lot depending on what your watching. You could leave it at one setting, but I wouldn't recommend that.


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Dolby pro logic 2 is a puesdo surround sound. I.E. it takes a stereo source and mixes the best it can to fill all the speakers, useful for TV broadcasts, other stereo items such as CD's MP3's etc.
Your Blu-Ray player would output in 5.1 and should automatically change the system to its needs, this can often be selected on the disc menu you are playing.

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