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Sorry, another soundproofing query, I know these are common! I've read loads and contacted a few companies but they either offer somewhat contradictory advice or push you down a certain path. I appreciate this is a long post but if you do have the time to read and chip in with some advice I would be very grateful.

Essentially I live in a top floor flat and I can hear the chap below. He has a few health problems and I've noticed the TV volume steadily increasing but more prevalent is his very bass-heavy voice coming through. In fairness I don't think it's that loud, I think it's a combination of me having a medical condition where I find certain noises very intrusive, and poor soundproofing/construction. The block was built in the late '90s and like a lot of places didn't appear to have the 'edges' finished off...

I believe it is the original concrete subfloor and has standard green chipboard panels for the subfloor (probably cheap and nasty?). I have normal foam underlay and carpet on top.

My general thought, listening to the noise, is that it is flanking up the plasterboard walls and worsening any effect. Having an unfilled cavity may contribute to this but I can't do much about it. I wonder if the current chipboard just does not extend far enough and there are gaps where the noise is coming through. So...

I thought that the best thing I could do is try and sort the floor out first, especially flanking, before doing anything more drastic like tearing down the plasterboard and affixing rock wool/similar between the battens. Most companies including some big ones seem to basically sell normal T&G chipboard with a layer of 'resilient' material attached. This seems to range from rubber to chip foam and a lot of stuff in between. Some use fibre/cement boards. Seems to be a lot of snake oil and huge price hikes over normal building materials available.

To cut a long story short, if I DIY this am I basically looking to add mass? I was thinking of removing the skirting entirely, laying 5mm or so dense rubber underlay, then 22mm chipboard, acoustic sealent/adhesive, with flanking strips installed around the perimeter? I was hoping this would dampen the problem frequencies somewhat and would be more economical than straight jumping to conclusions and tearing down walls.


Edit: just had a useful email from a major insulation manufacturer and they were of the opinion this sounds like flanking noise due to the density of concrete and a floor system wouldn't be particularly effective other than to stop impact noise. The skirting is pretty old and squat so I've no issue in taking it off knowing it'll be replaced with better stuff, even if just for an investigation; if I find big old gaps am I best just filling it with expanding fire rated foam?
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Just posted a longish reply in the other thread about noise below

If a similar solution might work for you ?

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