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Can I ask a question about these here Gallos...

The stainless steel ones seem to be the most popular choice on the forums and would certainly be my first selection, however, according to some posts I've read they are spun from aluminium whilst the other balls are made of steel. Does this have any impact on the sound? I would imagine that it makes them sound worse as they are less solid, more likely to suffer from vibrations etc.

Also, has anybody got first hand experience of their effect on a TV picture (due to lack of magnetic shielding...)

I've not doubt the gallos are good, but is it worth compromising on style and not going for the stailess steel ones?



You are correct, the stainless steel ones are from spun aluminium. I haven’t heard the stainless steel ones but Anthony Gallos insist that there is no degradation to the sound. Funnily enough, I believe these guys.

However, Uncle Eric is the man to ask here. I really can’t see that they sound any worse. And, if they sound like the ones I heard, you will be very pleased that you purchased them. They truly are a nice sounding ‘uncoloured’ speaker.

And that’s compared against my £800 a pair M&K's!

1) Gallo's website say that aluminum compared to "heat treated and powder coated steel gives the Micro the same enclosure characteristics."

2) Gallo's previous high end Reference speakers used Aluminum.

3) Their website says that steel was chosen for the Micro for its magnetic shielding characteristics.

4) Gallo's newest speaker, the DUE' (two micros and a tweeter) comes in a "Stainless" version, is not aluminum at all, but silver painted steel!
Assuming they wanted the best sound, that could be why they chose silver painted steel. Or it may be because for cosmetic reasons since they couldn't match the surrounding area behind/between the DUE' speaker with brushed aluminum.

6) Steel is stiffer and stronger per same amount of mass than aluminum.

Conclusion? I still don't know..
At the end of the day - you need to audition these great little speakers.

I pretty much guarantee that you will like what they deliver; whether they are steel or aluminium.

From the Gallo website:

"A sphere is the strongest, lightest cabinet possible and has long been known to be the optimal enclosure for a driver. The most important design factors for speaker cabinets are structural rigidity and lack of resonance. Box designs attempt to make up for lack of rigidity by adding mass. Mass simply stores energy which is then released to the environment as harmonics and ringing that are out of time and out of phase with the music, that old familiar box sound".

This would suggest that, in terms of design, the aluminium versions are superior. More rigidity with less mass...

Mind you - I ain't no physicist!

cann somebody from Gallo give us the answers please!!!
Your still going to have to listen to these babies. I really doubt that the sound difference is going to be heard, if there is one at all.

Can you audition them somewhere?
I will definately listen to them at some point...

Unfortunately I'm not in the market for speakers at the moment - If I was, I'd be buying my brother's M&K S85s... see the classifeds if you're interested anybody!!!

The question about the micros was just out of interest really!
Perhaps Uncle Eric / Nic Rhodes might know or, as you say, maybe AG can answer.

Ahhhhh. The thought of spending more money on my HT makes my eyes water. I am almost bankrupt because of it.:D

6) Steel is stiffer and stronger per same amount of mass than aluminum.

This statement is a bit unclear and probably misleading/wrong (sorry to be a pedant). Sadly I spent a good time studying mechanical propeties of various metals for a research project once...

Quite apart from the fact that we know nothing of the sort of alloying additions in either the steel or the aluminum or the method of manufacture (these will have an enormous bearing on the mechanical properties of the enclosure)...

Steel would be stiffer than aluminium if you had an identical piece of both - e.g. a 1 metre length of hollow tube with the same inside and outside diameter.

Of course the steel tube would be far more massive (read heavier). Where it gets interesting is that if you thicken up the wall of the aluminum tube then you can quickly get a bar that is as stiff as the steel one and lighter - the difference becomes even more pronounced if you keep the wall thickness the same but make the diameter of the aluminium bar greater.

In both the above cases you are increasing the second moment of area of the aluminium bar making it stiffer than the steel one. The aluminium bar will still be lighter (less massive) but more volumionous.

Back to Gallos and AV world...All else being equal (size shapoe volume maunfacture and treatements) I should imagine that the steel ball would be stiffer - but we do not have any information about many of the other properties that would affect the speaker performance to make a judgement. When the wife sees the alu gallos tell her that it is no only stiffness that counts! :p

why don't you try a blind test maybe Uncle Eric could sort this out...

Hi Guys,
Steel is indeed stiffer (all things being equal) and has more mass than Aluminum. However, as mentioned, due to the very shape of the Nucleus Micro, the Aluminum version (or stainless steel as its known) does enclosure duty just as efficiently as their steel cousins. The combination or high grade aluminum and strength inducing shape means resonance problems (and I've not heard any) are reduced to insigificant proportions.
I have actually tested these side by side (for a customer demo) with steel versions and found absolutely no difference in sound quality whatsoever.
I could probably bore for England on the teccy stuff here but the bottom line is I hear no difference between my now balck ones and the original silver SS finish ones I had. Don't worry about it it ain't important.

Role on my Dues.........:D
The silver ones I borrowed from the dealer to asses back in June ish, the black ones were the colour I wanted, no more sinister than that!
A likely story!!!;)

Out of interest, how do you have them mounted? On the wallflower stands or closer to the wall on brackets?

I heard that these things benefit from being away from the wall - is that the case?
I am a rubber grommet man, whilst I get my barn done. I think the stands are dreamy looking and close inspection of the (wall) mounts was more interesting at the weekend.

Did I mention I get my Due tomorrow :D Just me and KK. He must be very proud. ;)
Originally posted by uncle eric

er, cough cough :rolleyes:


your a dealer, you don't count! Arrived a few minutes ago.:)
I'll bite! How do the Due's compare to the micro's? I could be in the market soon;) I am most interested in stereo capability.

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