Sound quality Classic v Nano v Touch


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Folks I currently have a second gen Nano with sennheiser CX300's and find it hard to notice the difference between 128 and 256 or indeed lossless on it. I am not cloth eared as I can easily tell the difference with iPad and the rest of my hifi including PS3.

I am considering going for a Classic as it seems Apple will never do a Touch style interface with 160GB disk space. The size is a bit much for its main use in the gym but I could live with it as 32GB Touch is kinda hard to justify having an iPad. My question is how much better is the Classic audio wise?


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I wouldn't assume there will never be a 160GB touch - the touch is well overdue a bump in Flash size, and I'd be very surprised if next year the touch doesn't become available in a 128GB version.

I don't know what the quality of the 2G nano was like, but I own a classic, a current-gen nano and an iPhone 4, and I can't choose between them in terms of sound quality with high bit rate AAC files and decent headphones - all sound fine to me.

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