Sound proofing questions double plasterboard and green glue or dedicated panel


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So i have another thread but that was more advice about a particular system, im no longer doing that.

I want to soundproof two party walls, either side in a terraced house to block noisy neighbours & so i can turn up volume and not annoy them. My plan is to build a stud wall frame with resiliant bars and rockwool insulation or equivilant.

I have a dilema do i double layer 15mm soundbloc or other acoustic plasterboard with green glue or AC50 (is there a difference) this would cost around £500

or would i get a better result from using this Noisestop Acoustic Panel | Soundprooing Panels - Noisestop Systems instead of the double layer? Noisestop panel

Cost of this for the same area is about £1000 would it be that more beneficial to get the dedicated panel or could i achive similar results with the double layer and perhaps addind some mass loaded vinyl sheeting before the first layer of platerboard?
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From my limited experience the more you do the better sound reduction would be. Plasterboard and resilience bars ar relatively cheap, it’s the stuff you should put between that increases the cost significantly.

I’m not sure which of the two mastics are better, but I think you need one of them to make it work. I used techsound, but that’s even more expensive.


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did you use tecsound between the two panels?

I was thinking, are the dedicated panels that much mire expensive due to convienience as it already has the absorbation layer built in?


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so i was thinking of putting it on the back of the first layer of soundbloc then greenglue on the back of the second layer so that would be the sandwiched material.

so front to back would be soundbloc, GG, soundbloc ,tecsound, bar, stud frame with the rockwool in between the studs, just going off the face that the pre built specialist panel had their layer of deadening sheet on the back.

There is about £200 difference to include the tecsound and its the upper limit of my budget but still way cheaper than the specialist panel or reductoclip systems


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If you do use techsound, its easier to stick it to the last layer of plasterboard your putting up.
So when you're putting up the plasterboard, you have the weight of the plasterboard, and the weight of the tecsound? And you get small gaps between each sheet for sound to pass through?


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Not really, I applied the techsound to the back of final plasterboard, the 2400 x 1200 19mm plank. The techsound is just over 1200mm wide, so two pieces across each 2400 side, each side slightly overlapping. cut the joint between the two, like joining flooring.

The edges could then be neatly trimmed to the four sides of the board. If I did make any mistakes, which I did, just filled with AC50.

Once I fixed this board to ceiling, the very small gap between butted up boards, was filled with AC50, before final finish was applied.

I did have to apply techsound to a couple of wall‘s first layer of plasterboard, but it was difficult to get straight, because of its weight, which made jointing less accurate.

I‘d recommend the use of a plasterboard lifter, and applying it to the last layer of plasterboard.

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