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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Lucky Scotsman, Dec 26, 2002.

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    Firstly, I appologise if this is not the right place for this.

    Don't know if equipment is relevant here or not, but I have a Yamaha RXV630RDS receiver with Eltax Liberty speakers and Eltax A-8 sub.

    Everything is going great and I love the equipment that I have, but my neighbour doesn't. I'm sure you have all had some problems along the same lines.

    I have a wooden floor and the wall in my living room is directly attached to my neighbours' living room. The front speakers are on spikes, the sub has built in plastic spikes (down force sub), center speaker is on a shelf and has rubber feet and the bipolar surrounds are attached to the walls. The wall that is joined to my neighbour has nothing on it behind me.

    My neighbour isn't complaining about the volume as such, she has specifically complained that the base is vibrating through the floor and up the wall at the other end of my living room.

    In a month or two, I am going to be building a new wall to seperate my stairs from the living room. This will be built for soundproofing and will put an extra layer between me and the neighbour. I am also thinking about replacing the wood floor with a carpet at some point.

    Will this help with the described problem or are their other things that I need to do?

    What with the cost of the equipment and the cost of building and insulating the new wall, I am strapped for cash, so any other improvments that I make must be low cost.

    Thanks for any help,

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    A double wall built like this will give some help:
    The wall that is already there: take off the plasterboard on your side, insulate it if it is'nt already insulated.
    Then build a new wall just like it only with the plasterboard on your side. And inbetween them there should be something like 5cm of air.

    A carpet would also help, you can even put one under your sub.

    This is not my field of knowladge, but i'm sure there is other on this board that can give you more information on this field.
    I'm sure about the double wall though, i built one between a gym and a medical-senter once.

    Good luck.

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