Sound problems with hdfury arcana, sonos arc and samsung tv


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I have a samsung ue55nu8000 4k tv with hdmi arc, virgin tv 360 box and sonos arc soundbar.

i have connected the eArc out on arcana to sonos arc, hdmi out on arcana to hdmi in (arc) on samsung tv, and hdmi in on arcana to virgin tv 360 box.

i am getting sound fine on the virgin box, but if i switch to the preloaded samsung smart apps on the tv, the sound from the virgin box is still coming out from the soundbar and it is not switching to the sound from the smart app eg plex.

any idea how can i fix this so that it switches properly.
haven’t really tried any of the settings on hdfury arcana as unsure what most of them mean.

can provide more info if needed.

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Ensure the Arcana is running the latest Firmware (0.84) and download a coy of the User Manual which will walk you through configuring the system to toggle between the HDMI Input and the ARC Input.

PG29 of the Arcana User Manual will take you through the sequence to ensue you have CEC correctly enabled.

See -



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Can I ask if the suggested fix worked?

I'm interested in getting an Arcana to try to fix sound sync issues with my Arc / LG C7 / Sky Q box, but can't really consider it if the Arcana is not going work smoothly (I can't face trying to explain to my family why another expensive addition to our TV is causing them pain!)

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