Sound problems playing DVDs with Sony DAV s800



I have had a DAV s800 home cinema system system for over 18months now and have been very happy with it. However, just recetly, when playing DVDs I no longer have any sound coming through, all other inputs work without problems. Does anyone have any ideas? I have tried using a cleanind CD but to no avail.
Hey paulwquinn, i have the same problem! Found this forum by searching the net.

I found limited success by changing the 'sound field' a number of times, and after forwarding to next chapter.

Lately though, that does not work either. I resorted to buying another DVD player and using the S800 for sound, but the optical input doesnt seem to work either!:mad:

anyone got any ideas?

OMG! We've been having this exact same problem. We've had this DAV S800 for more than five years but recently over the past year this problem is getting worse. We put the DVD in and the sound won't come on for ages: it'll come on eventually after fiddling around and pressing the sound field and function buttons a lot of times but if you think about it this problem is absolutely bizarre! The sound plays fine when you put the DVD player in any of the other functions (Video 1, video 2 and tuner) but when you go to the DVD mode it just goes. We've been experimenting and we've found that the sound when a DVD is playing comes only when the small dolby digital sign is on the display screen or someimes the NTSC sign.
I mean the DVD player still works, but not when we want it too:( .. we're pretty attached to it. I'm sure there's a way to tackle this problem :thumbsup: Any ideas?:D

Hehe.. sorry about the essay, just trying to provide as much info as possible! Thanks alot - please reply!:) :lease: Any feedback or insight into what is going on of any kind even if it's an "i have no idea at all either" will be greatly appreciated!
Happy New Year,

I have had the same problem as stated, in detail, above for a few years now.

I find that for DVD use if I insert the dvd and press play and then switch the machine off, using the power button, and back on again and press play the sound works.

This does not work when using my xbox 360 through the system, I have to wait a few minutes and then turn the system off and on again, before sound commences!

Has anyone managed to get this problem fixed?
Anyone got any ideas to the sound problem? I am in the process of upgrading to a separates system, I would like to sell my DAV-S800, however, not with the sound problem I have with it at the moment.

Is this a known problem am I likely able to get it fixed?

I would be grateful for any help on this.
Anything to do with dry solder joints on the speaker connectors on the reverse of the player ?

I am getting problems with sound from rear right speaker, but if i wiggle connector I will get sound again but only for a short time.

Tried resolding but this works only for short period again - these machimes run very very hot so I don't know if i need higher temp resistant solder ?

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