Sound problem with multiple inputs.


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Hi All,
I just purchased an LG CX 55 and a Vizio 5.1 soundbar. The setup was easy and the soundbar worked when i was streaming through the TV or when I switched and watched cable. The problem started when I hooked up my PS4 Pro and adjusted the settings in the PS4 to use optic cable out to a headset I use when playing. Now if i turn on the PS4 the headset works fine but if I turn it off and switch to any other input the tv no longer outputs sound to the Vizio even though sound out is selected to HDMI ARC. The only way to restore sound is to unplug the HDMI for the PS4 and the cable box and start back with just the TV and the Vizio soundbar. Once I do that it works again and I can plug back in the cable box's HDMI. If i plug in the HDMI for the PS4 the sound stops. There has to be a way to set up HDMI settings individually so this does not keep happening. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks for the help.

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