Question Sound Problem between PS5 and Yamaha RX-V663


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I've got the problem that the PS5 does not send the correct audio formats anymore. With the PS4 everything worked via optical cable, but with the PS5 the passthrough via TV (Samsung RU8009) only forwards PCM2ch with certain formats. I've already set everything up correctly to bitstream in the dashboard and also during movie playback in the movie app. As long as the sound is Dolby Digital everything is ok. But on most 4k BluRays theres only the DTS-HD Master Audio format and optical cable is not capable of that audio format.

So I've went and bought a HDMI Splitter (model no AIMOSSP01) to connect both the AVR and the TV via HDMI. The splitter works that way, that the device on HDMI 1 is the leading one so to speak. So I had to set it up via EDID option "on" and 1080p downscale on the second port so that the AVR understands the signal it receives while keeping the resolution on 4k for the TV. On Auto setting it would put both devices on the lower 1080p resolution.

The problem I have is: As soon as it's set up the way described above I lose the correct audio format on the AVR and it receives just PCM2ch as if connected via optical cable. If I plug in the AVR on Port 1 the correct audio format is played back by the AVR. But doing this I lose the 4k output to the TV and vice versa.

Did anyone of you stumble upon a similar problem and can maybe help? Is there no way for me to get the correct audio format (up to DTS-HD Master) to the AVR while getting the correct video format (4k HDR) to the TV? Do I have to buy a new AVR which is 4k capable?
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