sound/pictures out of sync

scarlet poppy

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Hi boys, i need your help again please.
Whats the best way of combatting the
problem of the sound being out of sync
with the pictures when running the sound
through my amp (Pioneer LX83) & speakers
(KEF XQs) from either my Freeview box
(Humax Fox T2) or Blu-Ray player
(Cambridge Audio 650). Is it to with set up
menus on the amp or using various different
makes & lenghts of HDMI cables within the
set up. ANY IDEAS?:lease:


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Firstly, it has nothing to do with either the make or length of HDMI leads.

You should first try turning off any picture enhancement features your TV has, such as motion flow etc. These enhanced video features take longer to process the video compared to the audio processing so result in audio being output before the TV can process the video and display it.

If the above has no effect then you may want to adjust the sync via the amp. This is only of practical use if a source in continually out of sync because if not then the adjustment will force the audio to be out of sync even if naturally in sync.

It is usually the TV at fault and their video processing rather than source components or AV amps.


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some great advice from dante01, just to add the same voice really, the main culprit is going to be your tv's processing (clear LCD / perfect motion etc), my philips set with processing on always creates some quite random sync issues.


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Agree 100% with previous comments as when I calibrated my Pioneer I was advised to turn all processing off. I haven't had any further problems.

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