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Hi guys,

I recently bought the LG Smart TV 43UN71.

I want to plug the tv to my "old" hifi station so the sound comes out of the hifi speakers.

My TV has an RCA connector. So does my hifi station.

But when i plug the RCA to RCA cable, i have no option to pick "Line in" in the sound parameters of the TV. The hifi station is put on AUX like it should be.

Does someone know why ? Is the RCA connector on the TV only for sound IN ?

U can see pictures of my devices in attachement.

Thanks !


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Fred Smith

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TV audio out is via the Optical socket. TV's phono sockets are clearly marked "IN".


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OP -- you will need an optical to analogue converter if you want to use an analogue audio feed. Note that you'll also need to set the TV to PCM audio. A lot of the converters don't have any on-board amplification, so might find audio levels quite low.


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Thanks to both of you for the feedback !
It s indeed marked in for all those sockets ^^'
I guess the ideal solution is to find a new speaker device with an optical socket IN.
Take Care

Fred Smith

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As suggested above get an "optical to analogue converter" then you can use your exisitng audio system AUX in.

Suggestion not recommendation, others are available:

Amazon product


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Or use a 3.5mm stereo minijack to RCA Phono cable from the TV's headphone socket...if it has one.

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