Sound out through HDMI rather than SPDIF

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Hi All

We have a Sony VG XL100 media centre, it is reasonably old these days, we have upgraded the hard drive(s) and increased memory capacity.

Connection to TV has always been through HDMI, sound has been to a DSP via SPDIF.

We have recently upgraded the Amp to a Home Cinema Receiver and the best audio connection will be via HDMI.

Using Win 7.

I can set the audio out to be via HDMI, but the port (jack) does not appear to be changeable from the SPDIF.

Can any one advise how to change this please?

If for some reason, I am prevented from changing the setting, would I need to change the card, as it is used for playing ripped CD's and viewing still pictures only, I reckon £25 on e bay ought to sort it, but would prefer not to.




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Hmm, and the audio playback device is definitely labelled HDMI rather than being 'High Definition Audio' or something similar?

I would have thought a 2006 PC wouldn't support it as it was very rare those days (audio is an optional part of the HDMI specification) but if there's a specific HDMI audio device then it should do.

Although if it's only used for CDs I wouldn't have thought it'll make much difference, do you have many CDs with a higher bitrate than S/PDIF can carry?


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If your HDMI output has audio then you'll see it as a separate sound device in Device Manager under "Sound, video and game controllers". If you only have the sound output you're currently using then you'll need to get a newer HDMI card that does include sound.

Check before buying - most do include sound now, but there may still be the odd Nvidia one that doesn't (or needs some kind of cack-handed feedback from your onboard sound). I switched to ATI when I went to HDMI, as their setup was far simpler at the time. I think Nvidia might have seen the light by now though.

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