Sound on TV sounds like the speakers have blown. But they have not.


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Hey so having a problem.
The sound through my MCE when using the TV is bad.
I have sky coming through my s-video set up normaly and it was working great. Then a couple of days ago the sound is terrible, like something has blown! It is really loud and really horrible. I have reinstalled my drivers and tried to do a system restore but I can't I think I deleted my temp files.
I think my brother has installed something to get a webcame working as when I look in control panel it has an icon "AC3 Filter" but when you click on it, it comes up with an error.

I am having loads of trouble as it is almost unlistenable.

It is also like this when using Tv through a media extender. No other sound is like this just the TV


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I have had the audio decoding in MCE hijacked by AC3 Filter. It should suffice to fix it to e-install your MPEG2/DVD decoder (Nvidia, WinDVD or PowerDVD).

If you want to confirm the problem before fixing it then use Graphedit & use Connect to Remote Graph to confirm which Direct Show filters are in use when you are watching TV in MCE.


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I installed nvida purevideo but it did not do anything. I used the program that you said about but I don't understand it.
It lists mpeg audi decoder seperate to the mpeg decoder is that right. Also I thought it was a start up program so I closed "windows audio" and it worked but then the computer would not see the sound card.
Sorry to be a pain in the arse.
Here is a picture of the graph

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