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Hi all,

I bought the Tosh SX32 just before Christmas and I'm really pleased with it. Thanks to all of you who reveiwed and recomended it. I've not had any of the disk compatability or time errors that some others seem to have had but I do have a slight problem when playing prerecorded DVDs and CDs.

At various stages throughout the film or music the audio cuts out for a second or two. Now I know that you normally get a pause when there is a layer change or something on a DVD but this happens several times with each disk. It's not quite enough to spoil the veiwing or listening experiance but after a while it does start to get on your nerves.

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?




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I had this problem with my tosh as did many others. I had to send mine back for a replacement. My new player seems to be fine up to now. The problem would always occur on playback of commercial DVD's if that is any help to you.


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Mine too. First thing I did when I got the RDX32 was to check playback quality of Pre-Recorded dvd's. When I got the layer change type glitch I came here to check if I had a setting wrong. A quick search revealed that this is a known issue with the odd unit and a replacement is the only cure. Retailer exchanged my unit without quibble and I brought along a pre-recorded dvd with me to check the replacement before I left the store with it.

The only problem you might have is that there might not be any more stock of the RDXS32 as the RDXS34 is coming out soon. Question is will your retailer offer a straight swap or demand that you pay the differance?

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