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I'm looking to get one of these. (Still trying to find the best place to do a JL pricematch with).

Whilst looking at the manual online, I see that you can use an external stereo amp & speakers with it's built in DD.

Has anyone done this - is it a good solution?

You can also use a separate subwoofer - has anyone got experience of doing this, and can they recommend one?

Thanks for any input.


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The decoder on the 9607 is very good, but if you have a separate amp of reasonable quality then it will probably give you better sound. Other advantages would be that the TV only does prologic, not prologic II; and it does not do DTS. I have a Marantz 4200 and it does a better job than the set's own decoder, but not that much better.

Definitely add a sub, it makes a big difference, especially on DD on DVDs.

If you plan to use a separate sound system, save yourself some money on the set and buy the version without DD (9527 I think). Also be warned that from other posts on this forum there seems to be a shortage of 9607s at the moment. But persevere - it is the best CRT picture ever.

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