Sound of Metal (Amazon) Movie Review & Comments


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The accompanying DTS-HD MA 5.1 track?? It’s DD+ is it not or is this also available on disc?

Blue Zee

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Totally agree, one of best movies around at the moment.
Stellar performance from Riz Ahmed.


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Thanks for the Review Cas. Will definitely be watching this.


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Yes I watched this yesterday, in some respects a difficult film to watch and hear. The sound design is brilliant and uncomfortable in making you viscerally hear what it sounds like to go deaf. Riz Ahmed was very impressive in the lead and the supporting cast all round were very good - george


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Nothing less than expected after reading about this elsewhere. Amazon doing the business right now.


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Looking forward to this because I had a very similar experience.
I've played in bands since 1970 and gradually over the decades my hearing got worse.
In 2016 it was getting quite hard on stage and I had to have the loudest in-ears so I could hear my band.
I had all the tests and I was diagnosed with an hearing loss that wasn't due to loud music but a congenital problem which could be fixed with an operation called a stapedectomy.
December 2016 I was wearing ear plugs because it was now too loud :)

Mr Moo

Ahmed was great but this really drags in the middle. Also we learn very little about Ruben but a lot about sound. The sound part held it together for me, that was fascinating and terrifying but the rest of the film was less good because Ruben is somewhat of an unknowable doucher, IMHO.

IL Cattivo

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Spot on Cas... Watched it a few weeks back and was blown away.
One of, if not, the must-sees of 2021.
...and yes.. kudos to Amazon Prime for airing this in all it's UHD/HDR DD5.1 glory.

Boo Radley75

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Really looking forward to this. Been a big fan of Riz since he played my next door neighbour's best friend in "Shifty" and got him spot on.


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His hearing problem isn't like the one I had so when the deaf soundscape kicks in that was nothing like mine or what I heard.
Even hearing aids didn't make a lot of difference because they weren't loud enough.
In the ear the tiny little bone is called a Stape and it has to vibrate, mine didn't until you turned up the volume very loud.
On stage I had an amp to feed my in-ears and the Soundman had to turn my output up to 10 while the others had theirs on 2.
I had new Stapes fitted and a miracle happened.


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I’m not sure if this song is in the film, it’s part of the marketing for the movie, I wish it was full length, it’s an excellent cover.



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watched last night, Mr Ahmed even slouchy walked like a Rock drummer, what a fantastic performance, And what an insight ? deafness is an unseen disability, this film really drove deep into the core of how to survive it? How Other people are very important in helping You get through it? I absolutely loved how the sound engineers tried to give us an impression? of what its like to lose a sense , that is a major part of your existence, and they made the movie for me. Oscar material all round in my opinion.

Casimir Harlow

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Hasn't this film gone past any chance of awards since it came out in 2019?

Nope, it's the Nov 2020 US release that counts, not the festival release, so the Oscar results (Apr 25) are yet to come.

It's got some tough Best Picture / Best Actor opposition in Nomadland and The Father, but it'd be impossible for it not to pick up anything, and I'd say Best Sound is a sure thing at this point.


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I think Riz Ahmed is so convincing in this, unlike quite a few younger actors he never seems like he’s ‘acting’ but rather his character feels like a real person, with real flaws and emotions. I also loved the fact that the film refused to sugar coat stuff.

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