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This a new area for me so would appreciate some advice on where to start. I'm happy to be pointed to some links to read through if that's the best option, I wasn't sure what to search for.

Previously my setup was TV to Panasonic SA-BTT270 via ARC. Occasionally music would be too loud compared to people speaking. I tried some of the sound modes on the SA-BTT270 with little effect.
Now I am using the SA-BTT270 for the sound from several devices (Roku for example) and I'm getting more problems with loud music compared to speech. As an example if I try to listen to a podcast using Emby on my Roku it's impossible due to the volume difference. If I listen to the same podcasts on my laptop they are OK.

Should I be trying to balance the volume on the BTT2270, on the source devices or both? I remember, from years ago, having software to volume level MP3's so that might be the right thing to do for the podcasts?
The BTT270 has five speakers - Should I be trying to set different volume levels for each?

Apologises for the vague questions I'm really not sure of the best place to start. If more information about my setup would help I'm happy to provide that. I didn't want to make the post longer, for people to read, than unnecessary.

Edit: Sorry, just to add in case it's relevant. The speakers are the ones provided with the BTT270.


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