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Peter Shilton

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I have a problem.

When I watch a film (The Matrix) at moderate volume levels it's fine, I hear all the dialogue etc.

However when I turn it up a bit (to say -25Db on my Sony (which isn't overly loud and about the level i would like to watch it), a lot of the sound, (possibly from the centre channel) dissappears.

In "dodge this" at -31Db you can hear the "spring" sound as the agent swerves to dodge Neos bullets Turn it up any higher and the noise dissappears. Also when Neo shouts "Trinity, help!" his voice dissappears, as does when the agent says "only human", plus trinity's "dodge this" is quieter.

Is this:
a) a fault with my amp
b) afault with my speakers
c) something else
d) normal
f) what happenned to e)
e) Are there it is!

My speakers are set with an SPL meter and should be fine.

Peter Shilton

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I've taken the centre speaker out of the system (told the amp that there isn't one) and the problem has dissappeared.

Somehow the centre speaker must be cancelling some sounds?

Anybody got any ideas? All distances are correct, all 3 fronts are same distance and plane is as near as possible.


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Just wondering, have you got the plus and minus polarity of the speaker cable the wrong way round on your centre speaker. If they are then it would be out of phase with the mains and some sound cancellation might occur (as far as I understand). Might be worth a shot just swapping the cable round. If you have a DVD with one of those THX Optimizer things then there is a speaker phase test on there (e.g. Terminator 2 disc).

Peter Shilton

Standard Member
With the FS1 they come with there own cables that will only fit one way round.

I have now tried swapping the centre and left speakers around, and it sounds better, so its looking like a faulty speaker is the problem.

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