Sound issues with TV & Home cinema - sound cuts out


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Hi all.
I have an LG42LE5900 TV which I am very happy with. It is connected to a LG HT805SH DVD/Home theatre unit.

My connections:
- Virgin box via HDMI into TV
- DVD player/home theatre (LG as above) connected via HDMI to TV
- xbox 360 connected via HDMI to TV

Optical audio from TV into the LG home theatre unit.

Sporadically I find I lose all sound for a second or so. Sometimes several times an hour, sometimes it wont happen at all for hours.

Sound can be lost whether using xbox or virgin TV box. I've not noticed it when watching DVDs but that's only 90 minutes at a time so it may be that the problem isn't there, it may be that it only happens after a period of time and the DVDs aren't long enough.

At first I thought it was an issue with the Virgin box, but that's been replaced and the fact I see the problem when using the xbox rules that out.

Which means it is either the TV decoding the sound that has problems, the cable connecting TV to audio or the audio unit.

I'd imagine an optical cable would work or wouldn't and not have intermittent issues like this so I'm ruling that out.

Any idea of any compatibility issues between these units?
Any suggestions of setting to try tweaking? I think I've tried them all over last couple of months but happy to try more!

It has been suggested that it could be when sound peaks that part of the setup can't cope, assuming that would be the audio unit as it's older than the TV. Does that sound plausible.


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Not sure to be honest. Have you tried connecting the audio out from the Virgin box or xbox directly to the home cinema system to see if bypassing the TV eliminates the issue?

On a side note, are you currently getting true 5.1 audio with the current set up? With certain TVs, only stereo audio is passed through from HDMI sources to optical. So it may actually be more beneficial to have the equipment connected directly to the sound system anyway.


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I've not tried sending sound from virgin/xbox direct to audio unit as yet. Not sure if it is possible with the connectors available on each (it's only a basic unit) but I'll have a look at the weekend.

Good idea to check that :smashin:


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I have exactly the same issue with my xbox. Audio via optical no matter whether I am playing a game, watching a DVD there's no pattern to it but I loose sound for a second or more and then it just comes back again.

Just called Xbox support and they are arranging for mine to be 'fixed' as its still under warranty.

How are you getting on trying to fix yours?

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