Sound issue with QE55Q95T and Sonos Arc


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I have recently purchased a QE55Q95T and have paired it with a Sonos Arc soundbar, connected via HDMI, using the e-arc HDMI on the Samsung’s OneConnect box. For some of the time, this works fine but, periodically and regularly, there is a major issue which can only be removed by unplugging the Arc and reconnecting it.

the problem is as follows: you switch on the TV and sound will come through the soundbar in two to three second bursts, alternating with two to three seconds of silence. Turning off the TV with the remote and then turning it back on again does not resolve the issue. The only remedy I have found is to either unplug the HDMI for the Arc or to power cycle the Arc itself.

I have spent considerable time with tech support from the retailer to no avail and have done all the normal tasks (swapped HDMI cables, output to the Sonos via optical, unplugged all other sources from the OneConnect box, checked other inputs on the Sonos (all work ok). I then spent time with Sonos support who ran some tests and concluded that there was a timing issue with the TV feeding audio through the HDMI. Lastly, I engaged with Samsung support who arranged an engineer to remotely connect to the TV, run diagnostics and then load new firmware. Although this temporarily resolved the problem it has returned after a week.

I’m somewhere beyond frustrated; this is a premium TV with a premium soundbar and I can’t live with a device which requires resetting on a regular basis. At some points, the problem has been happening more than once per day.

if anyone has any suggestions or has come across something similar, I would be very grateful for any help. Failing that, I think I’m going to have to return the TV....

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