Sound isolation, and reflections


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I'm planing to make one room in my apartment for home cinema and a living room.
Can you give me some ideas about isolation the sound to other rooms and how to minimaze internal sound reflections?
I think about heavy curtains and covering the floor with thick carpet. But I'm not sure what to do with walls and ceiling.
Please, give some ideas not costing too much.
I saw the 'profesional' solutions for cinemas and large hall, but it's too expensive.

Currently I'm using 5.1 set-up with CRT tv, but I'll buy a pj and 2m wide screen.



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I got some Wickes insulation slabs, think 20 quid for 6 slabs, after seeing if they made a difference I covered them with fabric and attached them to the wall.

They don't really block any bass but seem to help harsh treble and the imaging.

May be worth a go for 20 quid.

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If you don't mind a bit of DIY, you can build a new wall in front of, but not touching, the existing walls, fill it with the HD slabs Slingshot suggested, or ordinary rockwool slabs, and then finish with two layers of plasterboard..The board will help with some of the bass, though not all. Seal all edges with silicon rubber or similar (flexibale acrylic caulk is cheaper). make sure the edges of the plasterboard don't line up as you're trying to prevent any sound getting through to the rooms next door.

Idealy you should use 4x2 for the wall studs, but something smaller is normaly more practical. Use no more nails between layers for a more rigid wall.

There are some other threads on this subject if you use the search, and one that I did has a lot of links to posts by people who do this for a living.



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