Sound from TV through Denon 2802?




I am trying to output the sound from my SONY TV to my Denon 2802 amp.

I have used a twin phono lead, from the R and L jacks on the back of the TV, and connected the other ends to the "TV/DBS" R and L jacks on the back of the amp, but no joy at all, silence.

I have also turned the TV Speaker option to OFF through the TV menu, but no luck.

Can anyone help?

Is there anyway I can isolate the problem, by plugging anything else directly into the TV, or from the amp's TV/DBS socket to somehting other than the TV?

Many thanks.


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Maybe it´s like my JVC TV where you turn the TV Speaker OFF but you still have to turn up the volume level to get output from the Audio Outs on the back.

Give it a go & see what happens.


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Originally posted by rjs1974
or from the amp's TV/DBS socket to something other than the TV?
You could run a phono lead from the back of a Nicam VCR or from a cable/Sky box to the amp and bypass the telly - if you have such devices of course. :) This will improve the sound due to a shorter signal path.


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RJS - I've done exactly what you did (Denon 2802 and Sony 36FS70) and is works fine. I keep TV vol to zero without disabling it through the menu. Have you tried selecting all inputs (ie 1-9) through the remote? My selection is number 4 on the remote.
One wat to test the output from the TV is to connect the output from the TV to camcorder inputs of your VCR and see if you can record the TV output.


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Not familiar with 2802, but on 3801, you have the option of setting each input to look for either a specific signal input (eg, digital, analog) or 'auto'. Is is possible that your TV/DBS input is set to, say, 'digital' rather than either analog or auto?
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