Sound from receiver keeps turning itself down like 15 notches


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I have a 2013 4K SONY STR-DH740 Receiver and I have a feeling that I'm going to have to toss this perfectly mint receiver in the trash.

The problem? It works perfectly fine but I notice the receiver keeps fading down. It almost feels like it's some sort of protection mechanism that I'm unaware of when the receiver detects volume going too high. But the thing is, it does this also on volume 10 (note: the receiver's volume is 0MIN -> 74MAX....37 would be the halfway point.)

When the sound fades out, suddenly the 25 point would feel like the 10 point. When I switch between inputs like game or BD the sound levels return to normal only to fade back down in like a min or two. Sometimes when I'm lucky the receiver stays fine for an hour or so. But more often than not the sound fades almost immediately when back to normal.

Basically if I'm on Game mode listening to music at say 20, I would switch to BD mode and then back to Game mode and would be shocked just HOW LOUD it goes. You could even ruin your speakers if not being careful about this.

Clearly, this cannot be a normal thing. I've never noticed any receiver having this happen or even having this sort of security feature. I thought at first it might be a night mode thing but it was off. Then I thought it could be something from the dynamic range setting but it was also off.
I thought it was a power bar thing so I changed power bars. Then I thought it could be an HDMI cable thing so I got new HD cables. Then I switched to not using HDMI at all and tried optical. I tried the HDMI ARC. I literally tried everything I can literally think of and the result is always the same. The sound keeps going down.

Basically, I can still use it except for one thing. I'd have to bring the receiver's volume all the way up to 25-35 to get the volume I would normally get at around 15-25. And I had this already happen once or twice.....the sound would randomly (not very often at all) return to normal and it would be extremely loud and could potentially damage the speakers.

I hope I have been thorough enough here in explaining this phenomena. I really do feel like I just need to get a new receiver and I really really don't want to as I love this damn thing. It has 7.1 and everything I need. I can't even find anything on the net regarding this sort of thing.

Help, anyone?

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