Sound from no phono NTL STB - poss answer



here's the thing.

ntl now give out the pace 4000's blah blah..... no phono's for sound.

so if stb and amp etc at other end of room from tv you end up running phono's back from tv to amp.

what if you took one of those scart cables that split off with 2 phono connections at 1 end.
then put the normal scart end into the "video out " scart connection on the stb and attach the other ends phono cables into the amp.

surely this method would allow sound to be sent directly from stb to amp and therefore no need to run phono's back from tv

comments plz


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Sounds fine to me, as long as the scart audio outputs are at line level which i am pretty sure they are.

If you like DIY pin 1 gives audio out right, pin 3 gives audio out left + mono and pin 4 is the mutual audio ground.


You're missing nothing with the pace 4000, earlier boxes had the phonos, but they gave dual mono, not stereo, that's probably why they left them off.....

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