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I consider my self 100% Geek, writing my own config.sys/autoexec.bat back when Doom was still a thing but sound is one thing i simply cannot understand. Sometimes my volume bar just stops working, other times i do not get 5.1 although the encode is DD5.1. I never know if the source is decoded properly at all, just hoping to hear the center channel..

So I need someone with a little patience to help me out.

I will try to be as detailed as possible:

Right now i have this setup:
1. Samsung HT-TXQ120T
2. These are connected using a Optical Cable to my newly bought Soundblaster Z
3. Windows 10 drivers installed
3.1 5.1 set in both soundblaster Z software and windows Software
4. Now things started getting weird. I have 2 devices:
Speakers and SPDIF-Out.

SPDIF-Out selected i have volume control from Windows. Movies will not sound 5.1 (central channel is just dead)
Youtube works in stereo mode

Speakers selected i have
- No sound in Youtube, MPC or WMP.
Now if i use this checkbox:
DTS NEO:pC i get
- Execellent sound in Firefox (Youtube is 5.1)
- Chrome still plays stereo
- MPC plays 5.1 although i have no idea WHAT 5.1
- Volume control just in MPC
- No volume control in Windows

So you see.. my Samsung does not display anything on it's display so i don't know if i play DD5.1 DTS...

I am thinking of getting the Klipsch 7.1 Dolbly Atmos speakers but if i still have this many question marks then i better not.

Maybe i`m using the wrong cable (optical) or my Samsung is just pure crap, but i need to know how i can get my sound to do what i want :)

Thank you.
Your help will be rewarded :)
I am offering a BTC/LTC reward for making it clear.
Thank you
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