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Can anybody reccomend an easy to use piece of sound editing software? All I want to do is take a number of tracks and fiddle; e.g., fade out/ in mid track; adjust the duration of a track (e.g., make a 3:30 track to a 3:10 track) and if possible, mixing two tracks together, but this is not essential. I'm not after anything amazingly professional and thus expensive, so cheap/ free options are a boon!

I'm using Nero to edit my video (simply because I already own it and it is good neough for my basic needs) so if it is possible in the Nero 6 reloaded suite and I just haven't found it yet then any pointers would be great!




Most video editing programmes will allow you to do that and add it to your video - while your at it you could also add titles and credits - so why bother trying to do it in a sound programme and then somehow adding it in Nero ???

Have a look at Ulead videoStudio you can get a free trial from

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