Sound disappearing from 5.1 set up, AMP maybe?



I have a sony separates set up (top of the range 6 years ago), top notch wires purchased and all installed over a year ago when I moved into a new house.

It seems over the past couple of months I am losing sound from speaker to speaker. First, it was the front LR, now the centre has lost sound and also the subwoofer. So I only have sound from the rear LR.

All connections are intact, but I do get a funny sound from the AMP now and again, like it is switching betweens speakers A, B, A+B, i.e. when you switch this knob you here a click.

Does my AMP need a service?
Can anyone recommend an engineer to come round?



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Sounds to me like its your amp, but the only way to tell is test everything, try swapping speakers and wires to see if each works and also check your interconnects. I had a problem with audio coming from my htpc and after i checked it all it turned out to be the optical lead. They are very easy to break, just need a slight kink and they cause weird problems. If it is your amp then unless its something very special then they are'nt always worth repairing. But having said that if your anywhere near torquay i know an excellent electronic repair shop. He is very cheap and top quality. Fixed several items for me, including a £800 active sub-woofer and never had a bill over £20.
My 10 yr old amp has started doing this too.

I have put it down to age. When the sound goes (usually center for me) I find if I tap the side of the amp it comes back on and makes a clicking noise.

It also clicks on and off randomly too.

I am using this as an excuse to buy a new one mind you!

grims dale

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go on treat yourself to a new one you know you want to its only monney arr which one

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