Sound delay with satmon on XS32

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    Not sure if this has been commented on elsewhere but would appreciate peoples opinions.

    My Sky digibox is connected to XS32 AV2 and XS32 AV1 is connected to TV. The XS32 optical is connected to home theatre system.
    It seems that while the recorder is switched on, if I want the TV to react to changes between 4:3 and widescreen coming from the skybox I have to keep SATMON activated on the XS32. However I noticed the sound was out with the picture when listening via the home theatre system. This was confirmed by bringing up the TV's own volume which gave an echo effect with the sound from the theatre speakers.
    I then found that by deactivating SATMON the 2 sounds were then in sync with each other (and the picture). But with SATMON deactivated I have to change screen aspect ratio manually.

    Is this all as it should be or is something wrong?

    (I am taking the unit back anyway to try and get one without the RF interference problem)


    Just found I was wrong about the automatic aspect ratio changing. I do still get it with the recorder on and SATMON deactivated. (Could've sworn it wouldn't do this yesterday)

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