Sound delay in a Sony STR-DN1080


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Hi guys, I'm really hoping someone on here can help.

I've just got a new av amp, Sony Str-dn1080.

It's replaced another Sony av amp that broke and I couldn't get the parts to fix it.

I've got a 7.1 system, the new amp works it beautifully until I plug my decks into it.

I have a DJ controller and I run a pair of rca cables from the controller into the amp. It's a direct analogue stereo input.

The problem I am having is I am getting a delay in sound from my headphones on the DJ controller to the sound coming out of the speakers. I have been through the manual, the only fix I've found makes the delay worse not better. On further investigation, I found there was no delay when the amp was in "direct" mode. However, this only sends sound out of the front two speakers, which for djing, they are just too far away from my console. Ideally I want it to work on "multi-stereo", like I did on my old amp without any problem.

Has anyone had this issue and have they been able to solve it?

My old Sony surround amp worked perfectly, didn't matter what setting it was on, it was an instant sound.

Any help would be very kindly received, my sound system was my pride and joy before. It's currently next to useless for me.

Thank you in advance


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Hi, I'm experiencing the exact same issue. Did you find a fix?
No mate sorry. Sony tech dept were helpful to a point. It seems the "direct" mode is as close as it gets, all other settings are digital and have a sound processing delay. Very frustrating and has rendered it useless for djing with. I had to buy some separate powered monitors which annoyed me, I've got cables around now when I had everything hidden before.
So I'm sorry mate, as frustrating as it is, it's a brick for djing with.

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