Sound damper


i have a some packing foam "from some boxes that got delivered from ups" smooth with out bumps and some with like egg patterns thing on it if you know what i mean.

would that work for sound dampening or is it different ?

would be for a sub woofer box. thanks


It would have some effect, but not as good as the real thing.

You usually use many layers with different densities.


so what would be the best types to go for.. for a subwoofer

right now my sub
for music it is great plus most films.

but some films like (Pirates of c 2) with the heart beat the box vibrates alot
i have nothing in the box just empty (well wires and port)
it is slot ported tuned to 30hz (1.3 net vol cubic f) if makes any difference or not.

i am thinking about making another box would probably be slot port as i got easy program type lenth few of details of the sub and the hertz and tells u every thing like sharp each size wood so just easy to do.

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