Sound cutting out on Denon AVR....


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Hi AVForums members!

I've got a Denon AVR 1910 and having sound issues with it. Occasionally, there have been short periods of hearing a thumping sound from the speakers but lately it has been doing this then the sound cuts out. The sound then comes back if the unit is put on standby then turned back on again, for a while at least.

I have a Virgin V+ box and a PS3 running through it. I've only noticed the problem through the V+ so thought I'd try the PS3 but it did the same. The problem has been reoccurring over the past 24 hrs.

I'm thinking it COULD be the speakers (Wharfedale Diamond 9.1) but haven't got round to trying some old speakers with the unit, yet.

Hope you can help


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I doubt it to be the speakers? If it were the speakers then I think it very unlikely for all of them to have the same fault all at the same time????


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Did you find out how to fix that issue? It just started to happen on mine and cant find an answer. Thanks!

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