Sound Corruption Through HDMI on Sony Bravia KD-75X89J


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Hi all, hoping I can get some help, I've run out of ideas to remedy this.

I have a new TV (Sony Bravia KD-75X89J), purchased in Jan, as it has 4k 120Hz HDMI we've started to use this with a laptop for gaming, youtube, etc. but have been having some intermittent sound corruption issues through HDMI.

Video of issue on YT (volume up please, phone camera didn't pick up the pre-ample to the corruption so first half of video is quite silent) - Edit - Seems to be a playback error with YT right now, might need more time to process - :

What happens: the audio starts going 'tinny' then develops quickly into garbled corruption and eventually rights itself, this usually goes on for about a minute or two on average.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for it and although sometimes it doesn't do it at all, when it does start doing this there seems to be some timing to it, i.e. every 5 minutes or so. It tends to settle down after a while (i.e. when watching a movie). Particularly if not paused.

There are occasions where this doesn't happen for hours, or a whole night (very rarely), other times it cycles through this every 5 minutes. Seems like some type of latency corruption to me over HDMI. Sometimes it does it then settles down for an hour.

I have tried a different HDMI cable, different HDMI slot on both laptop and TV. I've tried updating the firmware on both the TV and the BIOS of the laptop. I've updated the Nvidia drivers on the laptop and also rolled back to an older version. I've tried changing the audio settings around on the TV.

The laptop is a AMD based Lenovo with a 3070. The corruption does not occur when using any of the TV's other functions, just through HDMI. The laptop also has no issues with any other audio out/device. There are no resource issues on the laptop when it occurs either (everything is low usage in Task Manager when watching movies and the standard GPU/CPU utilisation when playing games). The HDMI video is fine while the sound corruption is occurring also.
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