Sound Card Problem???

Hope someone can help

For some unknown reason when I play a CD or internet radio station the sound from either is like an old scratched record.

I had very old speakers (Tiny) which I replaced with new ones hoping that the old speakers were the problem, but to no avail, still got the problem.

Should I replace the sound card? or is there something amiss that I should be looking at.



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Hi, bit curious here? A few questions, first is this a new system or an older one, if an older one did you have good sound and then this problem arose? I am leaning towards the sound card being suspect, but it could also be a change in the basic Windows sound settings. The sound that you have now is it distortion or just crackle whereby you cannot make out any of the music. If it is distortion, then go to the windows sound control panel and check that the sound levels are not at maximum, this could be an issue?


First of all - uninstall the soundcard and drivers, then re-install from scratch. If the problem persists then new soundcard.

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