sound but no picture....


Suki G

I'd really appreciate some advice because I'm struggling here.
Can I have suggestions on a better way of connecting my set-up:

Sky digibox > Pio 402 (using Video IN/OUT)
E65 (AV2 decoder exit) > 402 (DVD IN)
402 (DVR TV IN OUT) > JS converter > Panny PW7
all via scart.

Picture and sound from Sky look good to me but there is no picture when I try to play a DVD (just sound). What I am doing wrong?

I also have a Toslink coaxial cable which isn’t being used at present. How should this be used? :(

Many thanks in advance, S


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there should be an Orange socket on the back of the dvd player and another orange socket on the back of the amp
that is what that cable is for.
You need to go into the dvd menu and select rgb output. it will be in setting somewhere


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Can a 402 owner post instructions regaring using Coax input with a 402 Scart input (is it definable or only usable with DVD scart???)

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