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Hi. Help with an odd thing please. The other evening I decided to listen to some tunes through my headphones. I have a Rega Exel R feeding a headphone amp via the tape out.
I muted the amp and started flicking through to input 2 (streamer) from input 3 (tv). To do this I had to pass input 1 (phono). As i passed through input 1, I could faintly hear the song that was streaming to input 2. Is this normal? At first I thought that I'd hit the right input and that it was just weirdly low volume. It was only when trouble shooting that I found that input 1 was faintly picking up input 2's signal. It sounded normal on 2.


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Nice one. This sort of assistance is why i love the forum. From reading that, I can just forget it and carry on enjoying my tunes.


The phono input is by far the most sensitive, as it has to amplify the tiny signals coming from the cartridge which are much lower than the other line-level inputs. Moving magnet cartridge output tends to be typically only around 3-5 millivolts, while line-level inputs can be up to 1 to 2 volts. So it's going to be more likely to pick up cross-talk than any of the others.

So no, I wouldn't worry about it. And when I'm listening to LPs via my phono input, I wouldn't have any of the other sources playing anyway.

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