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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by andyodell, Aug 21, 2013.

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    Our CT260H is pretty much set up so am having a play with different sources and sounds to please everyone in the house!

    I cant decide weather to set the "Effect" choice to On or Off.

    When it is off it sounds a little more direct from the Sound Bar almost like normal TV speakers only better. This seems louder and others who hear this immediately say its better. This could just be as they are used to this kind of sound.

    What I don't like or want to do is ruin the original sound by adding an effect to much.

    What exactly does turning the Effect Off do, is this a waste?
    When the Effect is On what is the Stereo Choice? Does this not try hard at throwing the sound out like Sonys Claims?
    Then there is "Standard" which seems like a good for most choice.
    I dont think I will ever bother will "movie" this might be too much...

    I know that a lot of this is down to personal taste but I just want to know what it is doing to the sound and if anything should be avoided as it is actually downgrading anything?



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